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Six resolutions for a better New Year

Six resolutions for a better New Year

1.  Sell what your customers are buying

Online flower sellers have grown quickly by selling unarranged cut flowers at a discount.  You should have that ability, too.  By talking to your wholesaler and agreeing to order a slightly larger amount of a specific flower, you can create a “flower of the day or week” section with an attractive price point.  It helps mold your image as an affordable florist.

2.  Keep your staffing flexible

It’s no fun to lay people off, but flexible staffing schedules can boost productivity and keep costs to a minimum.  Offer time off to people who don’t need full time positions. Schedule more employees for busy days or day parts.  Do your simple flower arrangements in batches, so the arranger is off the next day or so.

3.  Let your website carry part of the load

Have a fully functioning website that allows customers to “place” an order themselves.  Even if you have to call for clarification, most of the information should already be in the system and ready to fulfill.

4.  Automate your record keeping

There are a dozen or more shop management software programs that have been created by florists, for florists.  Learn to use one so your "back office" time is minimized and your customer building time is maximized.

5.  Build an email database

Staying in touch with previous customers is really important.  You should have the ability at the touch of a button, to send notices describing special offers or events to prospective customers on a regular basis.  If you create a really cute Super Bowl party centerpiece, take a picture of it and see if you can sell the same arrangement to dozens of other people.

6.  Give feedback to your customers

Your record-keeping system should include cell phone numbers so you can send notices confirming that deliveries have been made.  If the recipient had a particularly nice reaction, add that comment to your notice.  It makes a huge difference and reinforces your customer’s decision to make the purchase.