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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website
Five things we hope to accomplish

1.  Help you learn more about resources from Pikes Peak Floral

We’ll write about workshops, seasonal flower shows, special stock purchases and opportunities to save money on accessories at our Wednesday Cash and Carry events.  We’ll also carry monthly features on some of our employees so you can learn more about the hardworking people at Pikes Peak who support you behind the scenes.

2.  Help you improve your flower shop operations
We’ll feature guest editorials from industry experts on flower handling and arranging tips.  We’ll suggest ways to order stock more efficiently and extend the stock you have with less spoilage.  And we’ll even get into some of the “back office” aspects of flower shop management to help your dollars go further.

3.  Alert you to upcoming events and promotional opportunities
Our home page will change weekly or bi-weekly to feature seasonal events and holidays that might offer special floral solutions to delight your customers and create added sales.  We’ll make sure you know about our bridal and holiday flower shows when we bring in industry experts and set-up special displays with new accessory ideas.

4.  Improve your knowledge of flowers and accessories
On a regular basis, we’ll feature “Did you know?” articles with interesting facts and figures about flowers and the places where they’re grown.  Occasionally, we’ll publish historical background stories that describe the meaning behind a holiday or event.  And we’ll include tips on ways to make certain flowers open up and look their best, on the day you need them to look that way.

5.  Promote industry events and conferences that you may like
Many state and national floral associations put a lot of effort into staging conferences and workshops that offer lots of valuable education and networking for flower shop operators.  We’ll try to make sure you are aware of these opportunities so you can attend the ones that appeal to you and your particular needs.  We’ll invite outside sources to submit articles and write papers,
Tell us how we can make this website better

Use the form in the box on the right to give us your ideas and suggestions to make our new website more informative and interesting to you.