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Employee Profile

Getting to know our employees

Our first employee profile features Sorita Gilcrease. She has worked for Pikes Peak of Houston for over 20 years. A mother of three (Sharella, 36; Joshua, 32; and Paul, 28), Sorita is very happy to have her house to herself now that they all have moved out and are settled. She has been with Pikes Peak since October 2,1995 in Pikes Peak's hardgoods sales department.

When asked what she likes best about working at Pikes Peak,  she says she likes meeting new people and helping them. She is often the first person our customers see as they arrive, and the last one they see as they leave--and it's always with a smile. Her friendly persona is contagious, and our customers find themselves smiling back. 

Sorita is happiest when spending time with her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids and is extremely proud of them all. Just recently she became a grandma for the ninth time. Her biggest fear is facing the time when she can't get around and take care of herself. Looks to us like that's a long way off.

Sorita treasures being a great mother, her commitment to Pikes Peak for 20 years, and enjoying her mom who is still alert and oriented at 98 years young. People would be surprised to know that Sorita is 60; most think she looks much younger.  She has recently lost 40 pounds--she looks wonderful!  Oh, one more thing: she loves to collect stuffed animals.

A few of her favorites are:

Hobby: Crocheting
Quote: “I can do all things in Christ that strengthens me”
Song: I'll be There
Movie: Coming To America
Book: The Purpose Driven Life
Comedian: Martin Lawrence
Best Vacation: Niagara Falls
Ideal place to live: Hawaii
Last but not least something on her bucket list is to travel the world. Can I come too, Sorita?